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Goodwin Brand Advisory (GBA) is a team of brand experts and consultants who work hands-on with brands using quantitative and qualitative research along with design thinking to drive business innovation and fuel growth through brand strategy. In other words, we’re your new best friend!

We’re proud to be among the .01% of creative agencies owned by a minority woman.

Based out of the Midwest, we have worked with hundreds of clients across the country. Our goal is to solve your brand’s biggest challenges using the latest methodologies in design thinking, ideation, market and brand research, and consumer insights (including executives and employees).

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Why GBA?

We’re part brand agency and part market research agency, putting our customers at a competitive advantage.

We’ve taken the best from brand design agencies and market research companies and combined them to offer a one-of-a-kind set of services for companies who face multi-faceted challenges across their industries, employees, users, customers, and stakeholders.

Where we help our clients the most:

  • Guiding your executive team to clarity
  • Giving your brand an ownable position in the market
  • Bridging the gap between your customers, employees, and your business
  • Untangling confusion
  • Finding (and empowering) brand advocates for your business
  • Solving business problems using ideation & design thinking
  • Leading company workshops that find creative solutions to business problems
  • Future-proofing the value of your company
  • Dishing out a little bit of tough love when it’s in the best interest of your brand

What you’ll experience with us:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Strong brand equity
  • Increased connection with customers
  • Clear market differentiation
  • Shortened sales cycles and speed to revenue
  • Marketing that resonates
  • Sell on value, not on price
  • A brand tribe that spreads the word
  • Increased employee engagement

Our Leadership Team


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Research Advisor


Employee Insights Analyst

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