Manufacturing Company: How Embracing the Past Inspired a Rebrand

Task Summary

For decades, manufacturing was the backbone of America. Employing millions across the country, if you worked in manufacturing–you were hardworking, loyal, and proud. While manufacturing looks different now in the U.S., our client still stands strong as one of the oldest companies in the industry for over 120 years.

Even though their legacy is undeniable, their brand did not reflect it. By partnering with GBA, our client received a complete brand audit including competitive, communication, keyword/social media, and audience research. Plus, we delivered strategic brand positioning and messaging development for their new website and packaging. For the first time, they received brand advice to propel their company into the 21st century–while never losing sight of their roots. GBA also partnered with Boldthink to bring the new brand to life with packaging, web, and communications design.


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  • Uncover industry and market trends that will affect the brand’s future trajectory
  • Understand the current players in the market and outline how to stand out from the pack
  • Build audience personas to enhance customer and employee experience
    Develop a brand mission, archetype, voice/tone, and share marketing and creative recommendations
  • Formulate the go-to-market visual and digital strategy, including new product packaging and website to reflect the updated brand
  • Strategize a go-to-market strategy in emerging markets and countries
  • White-label program for product distributors


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  • Partnered with company owners and key stakeholders to conduct an ideation workshop to examine the history, current challenges, and goals for the brand
  • Audited key competitors and client’s existing brand presence and communications
  • Comprehensive social media and keyword analytics study for client and top competitors to identify opportunities and estimated spend
  • Conducted surveys and interviews of both client and private label distributors
  • Composed essential brand messaging, including brand essence, values, and website content
  • Develop new packaging, product catalog, marketing CRM and website strategy


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  • Ideation session workshop
  • Market research
  • Competitive audit
  • Communications audit
  • Keyword, social media, and digital audit
  • Brand health assessment
  • Audience research design and persona development
  • Brand positioning and messaging development
  • Marketing recommendations
  • Packaging design and website advisory recommendations


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  1. The client received their first-ever brand audit and strategy guide to inform all future brand and product decisions
  2. Complete redesign of their website including messaging to reflect the new brand mission and 120-year manufacturing legacy
  3. New packaging design across their entire product suite, including updated product photography
  4. A robust, go-to-market strategy with objectives and marketing tactics outlined for 12 months
  5. Distributor program with white label opportunities, new resources and sales collateral
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