red dots

Designed to align teams and discover the A-ha moments.

We help bring clarity for when things get out of focus.

red dots

Ideation Workshops

Ideation workshops help your team find creative solutions to business challenges by bringing people together and diving deep into the core of your company.

Our ideation workshops help your business:

  • Articulate key messaging
  • Achieve brand alignment
  • Find the “big idea” and the “a-ha” moment
  • Find your competitive advantage
  • Discover key insights about your audience
  • Uncover your WHY
  • Redefine your mission, vision, purpose, and values
  • … and much more

red dots

Employee Engagement Workshops

Employee workshops help your individual teams or entire workforce unite by sharing their experiences and discussing solutions (in a safe and unbiased environment).

Our employee workshops help your business:

  • Discover the everyday experience of your employee and their motivations
  • Understand the lifecycle of your employee
  • Define (or redefine) your mission, vision, purpose, and values
  • Gather honest feedback and create actionable strategies
  • Plot ways to attract and retain the best talent
  • Foster collaboration and comradery between teams and departments
  • … and much more

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